Frequently Asked Questions About Fentun

Frequently Asked Questions About Fentun

  1. When I double-click on fentun.exe, nothing happens. Why?
    • Technical

      Double-clicking on Fentun has no effect because Fentun expects one (and only one) argument, which specifies the full path to a file containing the application/ms-tnef attachment.

    • English

      You have to give Fentun something to do. There are three ways to run Fentun:

      1. Click on an application/ms-tnef attachment link in an e-mail message (Netscape Navigator/Communicator),
      2. Double-click on a file ending with a tnf extension into which you saved an application/ms-tnef attachment (Pegasus Mail). You must first register Fentun with Windows as the application to use to open a .tnf file - see the File Types tab in the Windows Explorer's Options dialog, accessible from the View/Options menu item.
      3. Run fentun from the Start Menu. For example, let's say I've saved fentun as C:\fentun.exe and I've saved the ms-tnef attachment as C:\windows\desktop\ms-tnef1.tnf. To view the ms-tnef attachment's contents I would select Run... from the Start Menu, then type C:\FENTUN.EXE C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP\MS-TNEF1.TNF in the Open: text field, and click the OK button.

  2. When Fentun opens an application/ms-tnef attachment, the message "No attachments found in ms-tnef data" is displayed in Fentun's status bar and no attachment items are listed. What's up with that?
    • Technical

      A TNEF stream contains the original e-mail message in Rich Text Format (RTF - adds bold, underline, italics, etc. to an e-mail message). In addition, the stream may contain attachments. It also contains many MAPI properties, date/time stamp information, etc.

      If you get an ms-tnef attachment from someone, you'll get one from them in every message they send you. But not all of the ms-tnef attachments will contain additional attachments. The Microsoft mail programs include the TNEF stream, without attachments, so they can include the extra RTF formatting information in the message.

      If Fentun opens a TNEF stream with no attachments its status bar will display a message indicating just that, and the Name/ Size table will not have any entries in it.

    • English

      Whoever sent you the e-mail message didn't attach anything. The e-mail message has an application/ms-tnef attachment because Microsoft wants to make the standard (and therefore make more money).

  3. I own a Macintosh. Can Fentun help me?
    • English

      Not in the near future. Fentun was built on top of a platform- independent graphics library called PIGLATIN, which does not currently support the Macintosh. Although it will be ported to the Macintosh sometime, I wouldn't hold my breath. This would change, however, if someone flashed the right amount of green. Again, don't hold your breath. Sorry.

      From what I've been told, there are two alternative applications: Microsoft's Internet Explorer for the Macintosh and QuickMail.

  4. I want to re-invent the wheel. Where did you get the specifications for the MS-TNEF (Microsoft Transport Neutral Encapsulated Format)?
    • Technical

      Search the ENTIRE Microsoft website for "TNEF Stream Structure". Also "Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format" and "TNEF Stream Syntax". That's the documentation I used to create Fentun.

      Here's an even better idea: pay me to free the source. How do you sell this idea to your company? Like this:

      1. Estimate how long it would take to design, code, debug AND test a platform-independent library capable of deconstructing MS-TNEF.
      2. Multiply that number times your hourly rate.
      3. Add in the number of additional sales your company will obtain due to reduced time to market.
      4. Consider that this library is in the market place and is being used by thousands of users. Which should demonstrate a very high degree of stability.
      5. Take comfort in the fact that the money is going to a good home.

  5. When I try to print one of the pages from your website, all I get are blank pages. Why is this?
    • English

      You're getting blank pages because the font on my web pages is white, and white text on white paper is very difficult to read. Try copying and pasting the page's text into your favourite word processor, then printing the page from there.

      I was tempted to say that it's because of a VIRUS I have planted on my website that causes your computer to waste paper as a means of retaliating for your kind's attempt to wipe us out after that 'bout of the flu we dragons had during the middle ages that caused us to sneeze uncontrollably and deforest the entire continent of Europe. But since it just ain't true (sorry, no viruses on my website), I decided not even to mention it. ;)

  6. You often end your e-mail messages with `Puff'. Do you smoke?
    • English

      No. I strongly dislike the burnt ashen taste. I prefer slow- roasting or basting. And sometimes, I'll eat rare in the lair.

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