Here's what people are saying about Fentun

Here's what people are saying about Fentun

NOTE: this list, by no means whatsoever, does justice to the sheer magnitude of the actual response the world has had to Fentun. These messages are posted here as a brief summary of all the wonderful e-mails people send me as gratitude.

You sir are a GOD! Thank you for finally allowing me to make sense of the @#$%^&* TNEF *&^%$#@! documents. You should be hailed as a God throughout the land. I thank you.

Your program is a godsend. I have a dear friend in England who keeps sending me MS-TNEF stuff I can't read.

I found Fentun such a problem solver that I recommended it and sent a screen shot to Dave Central. I may not have been alone. You thought you were famous before? - Now you're REALLY famous! :-)
Thanks for ending my tnef problems!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is one of the best things that I have ever downloaded. Finally, a way to defeat the Microsoft Monster! I have continually gotten those @#$%!@#*&!!? ms-tnef attachments from certain correspondents. I then have to beg them to attach the text in the body of their message. Now I don't have to do that anymore. How come no one else has come up with this? How come Netscape doesn't link to you?

Thank you for providing this tool!!!!!

I love your description of What's Fentun For... not only because it's very creative... in addition, it appears we share the same feelings for Microsoft and possibly the "DWEEEEEEEB" that runs it. Keep up the good work!!!!


I have been "fighting" this ms-tnef problem for 6 months now.......finally found your solution today, and it works wonderfully. You are a "dream come true."

you cured a few more headaches of people receiving tnefs...

I'd like to thank you for a wonderful utility! Now I can finally stay in touch with people who have been caught in the Micro$oft swamp.

Thank you for this little great program :-)

It stops my girl-friend's tears ...

Now I can SEE the nice cartoons she is sending from her office to me!

I like the GUI of Fentun, the dragon looks nice :-) Dragons mean a lot to me. I've got a flying air-dragon tattooed on my left shoulder.

Hi Fentun the Dragon,

You're just what I needed to see all those funny files my friends keep forwarding around from work with the Micro$oft programs they are forced to use. Thanks for sending a highly irritating problem up in flames. You may be a fiery dragon, but you're cool!

It is abysmally rare that I recieve such quality assistance on a plug-in, indeed, it is rare to find a good plug-in without slogging through loads of commercials and/or paying your left arm to download it. YOU have done a great job, and I want to ensure your knowledge of it. You have my admiration for a job well done. Thanks to you and your dragon, may you die with honor.

You are good... so good! Thank you so much for making Fentun. I thought I was going crazy. Now I have peace and confidence that it's just Microsoft who's crazy. Wealthy, but crazy. Me? Poor, but happy... now that I have Fentun. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you... o'wise one.

The happy as a clam

Hi. Thank you for solving an annoying problem courtesy of the Microsoft team. It works like a charm. With my thanks, I attach an original dragon jpeg created by my sister (Shawne Arzab).

Hi-eeee! I usually get soooo frustrated when my friends send groovy new MS file types (I wish they'd stop sending ms power point files..i have NO clue! hehehe). I just got a tnf file in email today. Did a quick search, found your site right away, and within minutes I was viewing the images! I'm glad it was easy, because they just weren't that funny hehe!

I changed the text on one of the images. . .much funnier, I think :) Thanks again!
(aka merridragon)

I thank you for sharing your wonderful program. This comes from a forever devoted fan and supporter of fentun. Fentun brought me in out of the rain and put me back in touch with well meaning friends sending attachments I couldn't open. Now I just might be able to survive a while longer in cyberspace. Long live the Dragon..............

I wanted to thank you for saving my life. I just lost half of my hair, broke the whole furniture around my desk, just because of those *^9%^^h$@#"& programmers from Microsoft. Thanks to Fentun, I finally could read the highly important documents needed-for-yesterday I received 10 times as a winmail.dat file (sorry for that nasty word). Mankind would be better if all men were like you. Have a nice day !

Thanks Little Green Dragon et al

I was lost and confused and didn't know which way to turn - for some reason Microsoft Outlook crashes on my PC and I couldn't find anyone around to help me fix it and I had a project I had to finish - I found your software on the Internet and could at last open my file someone had sent me using MS - Outlook. Thank you a million and two times! Your web site is very clever and creative too - I admire your skill!!

A very happy customer

Thanks o dragon. Next time I will certainly attach a favourite food of yours using ms-tnef, and you can extract, slow-roast it in your flame-breath and savour it. Your application allowed me to view three photos of one of the most beautiful women in the world that were sent in tnef format.

Without it I would have wasted lots of time dealing with, ahem, reluctant Exchange users. I'm using Lotus Notes R5 and reading messages that came from some customer on Exchange. Splendid work, thank you very much.

... and the messages keep pouring in. Who knows - the next one may even be yours...

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