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Welcome to Fentun's Home Page

Copyright 2000-2016 by Marc Seter

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Anyone using Fentun must agree to the terms and conditions in this paragraph. Anyone may use Fentun (the program) with no obligation to send me money - dragons don't like cash, but gold and diamonds are welcome. Anyone copying or distributing Fentun must include this paragraph with it so that others can agree to this license. Anyone may copy Fentun - dragons understand that it's the highest form of flattery. Anyone may distribute Fentun, as long as I am credited for its creation and maintenance. No one but me may represent that they created Fentun, the software or the dragon character. I like my work, and I believe I deserve the credit for it.

Use Fentun at your own risk. The author will not be held responsible for damages, lost data, etc. resulting directly or indirectly from the use of Fentun.

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